Jersey Zoo

Jersey Zoo was founded in 1959 by author and naturalist Gerald Durrell. It's 32 acres of beautifully landscaped park and farm lands are home to over 100 species of animal, many of which are endangered or vulnerable in the wild. The zoo serves as a sanctuary, captive breeding and research centre, and is the 'base' for Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust's worldwide efforts to save species from extinction. The onsite facilities include a YHA accredited hostel, luxury 'wildlife camp' and Durrell Conservation Academy - which to date has trained over 3,500 conservationists from 135 countries

Jersey Zoo began as the first ever conservation-themed zoo. 50 years later, Gerald Durrell’s animal haven is the natural place to discover some of the world’s most incredible creatures. Whether you’re after fun, tranquility, knowledge or a place to soak up the sunshine, this stunning 32-acre park with valleys, woodland and some of the world’s rarest animals is the perfect chance to experience ‘the jewel in Jersey’s crown’. Relax and stay a while or see the best bits in under two hours.

Open all year round except Christmas Day.

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