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About us

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Like many cartographers I fell into mapping sideways in the 1980s. Trained initially from a marketing and graphics background.

A chance commission in the early 1980s to provide a company with a high standard thematic tourist map led to other requests from a variety of local hospitality outlets for similar products.

It was the basis of a business that has remained the market leader in the Chanell Islands for over 30 years.

Establishing what has become the longest running independent cartographic supplier in the Channel Islands.


Joining the British Cartographic Society was essential and joining their design classes at Oxford Books University, seminars and meetings was a prudent necessity. Alan Collinson of Geo-Innovations the design leader was a great mentor and is a justified multi award winner.


C.I. Maps has, for the last ten years, supplied the official tourist map of Jersey and recently became supplier of Guernsey tourist maps.
Both items are the single most referred to product of any other tourist information publication.

Our other clients have included:

  • Jersey Telecoms
  • Wave Telecoms
  • Jersey Fire & Rescue
  • Transport & Technical Services
  • Parish Honorary Police
  • Jersey Parish Halls
  • Taxi Companies
  • Construction Companies

We supply a variety of Channel Island Tour Operators and assorted local businesses.

We also hold all our own raw data on the Channel Islands collated over many years both through on-the-ground surveys, latterly remote GPS sensing and aerial photography.

If you need maps, hard copy or digital, we can supply or source your needs right down to field delineation, Channel Island and World Wide.

Mapping is our vocation and over 3 million units later is still a thriving business.

David Moran


Dave Moran